The Great Balloon Shortage

Don’t wait to order because they’re “just” balloons

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, it has effected many industries and balloons are included. The limitations on the number of employees working in manufacturing facilities has aided in output of materials. All these things not including illness and challenging times have created many challenges for us balloon stylists.

Currently, there are several colors and balloon sizes that are out of stock. Some have been out of stock with no, date as to when they’ll be back. This does make it a little stressful for balloon professionals. We strive to bring magical creations to our clients for any and all occasions, no matter how soon the affair.

It is a bit frustrating knowing balloons are in high demand and certain colors are not available. This requires more time, energy and patience . I strongly suggest once you start planning your next celebrated occasion you reach out to your trusted balloon professional and/or party planner to see if the colors you need are available. Colors can be made by mixing balloon colors, but that will come at a slightly higher cost. Will your color come back in stock? Maybe, hopefully. Until the current situation stabilizes domestically and globally, it’s best to order your installation as soon as you know your color scheme.

Photoshoot set design.

We Got You

As professional balloon stylists, we know how much you want to see your visions come alive! We’re bystanders in the tug-of-war of balloon market demand and production. Balloons are very important for celebrations as well as lifting spirits. We also know many spirits needed to be lifted during these times as they’ve become emotional necessities. Rest assured knowing we take pride in using only professional grade balloons and we will continue to provide the same quality rated balloons for you. We will get through the Great Balloon Shortage with patience, kindness and early ordering. So, don’t wait, schedule your Balloon Consultation today! Check out our Instagram page for some balloon inspiration and our Balloon Styling Page.

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